Fine Art A selection of unique hand painted art.
Murals Amazing traditional hand painted murals.
Portraits Traditional Painted Portraits in unique settings.
Inspirational The new Showcase of inspirational art.
  • Showcase

    Tea time

    Amazing hand Painted Paintings

    The combination of color, texture, and photo-realism continues to amaze those who have been following Keith’s talent for years; leaving many anxiously awaiting for what Keith’s next inspired art piece will be. The beauty of this paintings are that they are painted in a traditional hand painted style; whether in oil or acrylic paints these paintings are sure to catch your attention. Having an eye for detail is the process of each painting. Be sure to check out Keith Goodson's art gallery.              READ MORE

  • New Works


    Allysa's Painting- a tribute

    Recently, Keith painted a painting which featured his 4 year old daughter. Little did Keith know it was going to be used to touch a world. (click the picture to read more)

    fp crucible

    The Crucible

    One of Keith's recent painting called The Crucible shrouds itself with mystery. It has a life of its own and the meaning is prophetic in nature. (click the picture to read more)

  • Latest News



    Welcome, to the new and improved web site for Keith Goodson Studios. We thank you for stopping by and taking a look at some of Keith Goodson's amazing paintings and art. Please remember to make your comments below each gallery on the gallery pages. We would also like to connect with you by clicking on any of the connect buttons found throughout the site or you can visit our Information page. (click the picture to go to the main gallery page with a special message from Keith.


    Bagel Break

    When your taking a break with your cup of Joe and a fresh bagel come back to Keith's "Bagel Break" and hear from Keith's right brain dominate mind. You will be amazed at some of the things he talks about.

  • Faith


    Where's Keith Now

    Be informed on where Keith will be painting live next.  Keith shares his gift around the world via "live art". This form of art is better seen then trying to describe it. We will bring you updates on where Keith will be next. Just click on the picture to go to the Events Page.


    Light of the World Painting Heads to Virginia 

    The Long awaited Journey of the Painting , "The Light of the World", is heading to VIrginia Beach, VIrginia this month. Regent University,home of CBN, will host the premiere journey of this 36 foot by 12 foot painting painted by Keith Goodson. It will be on Display in the main hall of Regent's Library for about 2 months. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Links

    color sm

    Color Scheme Designer

    You will absolutely love this color wiget. It has every thing you need for professional color design. Just plug in the color of choice and watch what it does with getting you the right color palette.


    Keith Goodson Studios- Alternate site

    This link provides you to our alternate Keith Goodson Studios Site. We will continue to post this site until all the new site is updated and running properly.

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Commissioned Paintings

What an investment to be able to own an orginal work of art, especially having a  commisioned piece painted by Keith Goodson. If you are interested in having a orgininal painting or inquiring on other artistic projects please call 1.863.875.6055 for more information or click here.

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