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TeaTimeThere are many artists who seem to struggle with their artistic identity, trying on different styles like clothing to see what fits, but Keith Goodson is no longer one of those artists. With a quiet confidence, and a breathtaking collection of heartfelt pieces, Keith has emerged as a driven and passion-filled artist who also has a mission; to inspire others to see beauty in the world, and to fulfill their own God given talents.

keith paintingAs long as Keith can remember, four years old to be exact, he was determined to use his natural gift of art. Keith became self-motivated, studied tenaciously, and explored the works of many great artists, including Goya, Vermeer  and Michelangelo which greatly infuenced Keith. What inspired him about these past greats was the fact that they did more than paint, they changed the world with their art and they left a legacy. “The best artists have been visionaries, and they painted out of passion and not obligation,”
In the beginning of his career, Keith says it was all about challenging himself and proving himself, but once he got passed that, his truest art began to emerge. “After you master your technique, then the real expression comes out,” Keith says. “I still challenge myself with new materials and new ways to produce fine art.” For example, Keith says he creates paintings with acrylics made with polymer materials because he is still able to produce the same quality and depth you would get by using oils. “Modern day materials have evolved,” says Keith, “I enjoy creating high end pieces with materials that are not traditional.” This is proven in his collection of work that depicts fine metals, and glass capturing light that explodes off the canvas. Keith describes what it is like working on one of these paintings, “I remember what I was thinking on each stroke of my brush, each square inch of the painting holds a slice of my memory.
keith painting2
Keith is multi-faceted in his craft, having done award-winning murals and large projects that require unique and special skills such as painting a water tower in 3-D. Keith continues to inspire with his new series which incorporates glass, light, metal and precious stones in earth tones as well as ocean hues. The series’ combination of color, texture and photo-realism continues to amaze those who have been following Keith’s talent for years. Leaving many anxiously awaiting what Keith’s next inspiration will be!
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Alyssa's Painting

alyssapainting1About 2 months ago I felt impressed to paint a new painting. I wanted to use my beautiful 4 year old daughter,Alyssa, as the model for this painting. As I started this painting I really didn't know how or what kind of setting I was going to use....then it hit me. I wanted my daughter to represent innocence, love, and purity. So I posed her in her princess outfit, which she loves the camera. I would work on it a little at a time like I do most paintings. But recently as I was in my studio and hearing of the Casey Anthony trial and hearing the verdict I looked over at the painting of my daughter I was painting and began to weep. I know that little Caylee Anthony was like my daughter an innocent, loving, pure little girl with hopes and dreams. I just knew I had to finish this I did. As I looked at the photos of Caylee Anthony online I got chills at how very similar she looks in this painting. I hope this painting can bring healing to the hurting...and hope to hopeless. Feel free to re-post and share.

The Crucible


"The Crucible" Vision and Description

Crucible - a severe, searching test or trial.

In June of 2010, in the midst of the oil spill, God gave me a prophetic dream concerning this catastrophe. I began to see Storm clouds on the horizon of the Gulf. In the midst of the tainted oil filled waters was a raft made with wood and steel. On the raft stood a young girl dramatically clinging to a robe. The robe dangled over the raft into the waters. As the robe touched the waters it seemed to be soaking and saturated from the oil. From under the robe at the bottom, there seemed to be an old rusted chain which was shackled from her ankle to the metal holding the raft together. I then saw on the raft a green sea turtle and a pelican in which I had the sense of her being the protector over them. On the front left side of the wooden raft a key hanging by a thread was dangling in the waters. Then I began to see a dramatic display of the heavens open up and a very large angel descend and dominate the sky. In the face of the angel was determination and resolve. As the angel hovered above the waters he began to pull from the heavens what appeared to be a long pure white garment. As the garment hit the oil filled waters it began to immediately illuminate them. It seemed that the waters began to become crystal clear. The light began to travel under the raft and continue to travel throughout the waters.

I began to paint this vision in July of 2010. In the process of this painting God begin to speak to me concerning this vision. Below is what I believe to be the the prophetic word of this message.

The wood and metal raft that is worn and weathered represents the vehicle in which our nations forefathers built for us to stand firm and to weather the storms that our nation would encounter. It is literally the foundations to which we stand. One nation under God, Prayer, etc.

The rusted rivets holding the raft together represent the values that our nation are founded upon.

The young girl on the raft represents the heart of our nation, the core of humanity and the innocence thereof.

The eyes of the young girl. One eye represents the emotion of innocence and fear and the other eye represents resolve and determination.

The tear represents the heart and emotion of the soul of our nation crying out.

The garment that the young girl is wearing is representative of the covering over the nation. It is also made of fine silk representing the wealth of our nation.

The garment in which the girl is gripping is flowing down and into the oil filled waters is the moral decline of our nation. It is also no longer white with righteousness but is being saturated with sin. And just like the Hebrew people being held captive by the Egyptian nation, the impurities of the culture that affected and infected Gods people....So, we too have worn the garments of the culture and slowly but surely it begins to erode and saturate our innocence of a nation and the cord of conviction is severed.

The chain secured to the wooden and metal raft, covered by the garments, seems to be shackled to the young girl. This represents the connection of humanity to the foundation of the culture.

A key attached to the other side of the raft is hanging by a thread. This represents the key to unlock the shackles that unlock our freedom to our innocence. It hangs on by a thread, representing the mercy of God.

The Animals represent the creation in which God has given us domain and responsibility. As it is our responsibility to help take care of creation.

The storms represent the darkness which is beginning to encompass our nation as it is trying to block the light from the sun or the “Son”, the light of the gospel of salvation.

The Sun represents the SON of God. Along with this the Lord gave me a scripture, (Isaiah 60:1-5), which speaks of the darkness on the people and the earth, nations will see your light, and the abundance of the sea will be turned to you.

”Arise, shine; for your light has come, And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. “For behold, darkness will cover the earth, And deep darkness the peoples; But the LORD will rise upon you, And His glory will appear upon you. “And nations will come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising. “Lift up your eyes round about, and see; They all gather together, they come to you. Your sons will come from afar, And your daughters will be carried in the arms. “Then you will see and be radiant, And your heart will thrill and rejoice; Because the abundance of the sea will be turned to you, The wealth of the nations will come to you. (Isaiah 60:1-5).

The angel of the Lord is represented as the supernatural spiritual beings that help in human affairs. They are at the Lords bidding and rely on the prayers of the saints to accomplish their task. The angel is about 15 to 20 feet tall and has massive wings. The angel also represents the mighty power of God to take care of that which is humanly impossible.

The White streams of fabric the angel is caring is representative of the anointing and cleansing power from God. To wash away the sin and cleanse us from the inside out.

The illumination in the water is from the fabric. It is the light of the Lord. The light cleanses the oil filled water. It is even traveling under the foundations in which we rest and reside on.

I believe that a picture really does speak a thousand words and with those words God can speak to all differently. With that said, I also believe that God wants to speak to us in new and unique ways. Through out history paintings have had a major impact on culture. This painting, which I feel is inspired by God, is a timely work of art for God to show some resolve through “The Crucible”. It is a message of hope and inspiration not just for the tragic event of the oil spill, but for our nation as a whole.


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