Alyssa's Painting

alyssapainting1About 2 months ago I felt impressed to paint a new painting. I wanted to use my beautiful 4 year old daughter,Alyssa, as the model for this painting. As I started this painting I really didn't know how or what kind of setting I was going to use....then it hit me. I wanted my daughter to represent innocence, love, and purity. So I posed her in her princess outfit, which she loves the camera. I would work on it a little at a time like I do most paintings. But recently as I was in my studio and hearing of the Casey Anthony trial and hearing the verdict I looked over at the painting of my daughter I was painting and began to weep. I know that little Caylee Anthony was like my daughter an innocent, loving, pure little girl with hopes and dreams. I just knew I had to finish this I did. As I looked at the photos of Caylee Anthony online I got chills at how very similar she looks in this painting. I hope this painting can bring healing to the hurting...and hope to hopeless. Feel free to re-post and share.